Wednesday, 29 July 2015

East is East: Broadway Market

Now, I must confess that North London is a place I don't frequent out of enough.. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do leave my comforts of North London and explore my fabulous home city but definitely not as much as I should.
Broadway Market is a place I first went to about 5 years ago, but have only returned to twice in that time. Not that I didn't love it the first (or second) time around, just that more often than not brunch on Upper Street or strolls over Hampstead Heath are thrown into the mix and well I'll admit it- I can be lazy! ;-)
So a while back a friend of mine suggested that we break the habit of a lifetime and go over to Broadway Market for brunch and general wandering. My friend Sara had told me about a place that does a fab brunch and she wasn't wrong. After a lovely stroll along the Regents Canal, I met my friend in Stories on Broadway and it's safe to say, I wanted everything on the menu!!! After a lot of deliberating I decided on the avocado on toast with a poached egg and crispy bacon (topped off with a side of hash brown) and I was not disappointed.

As you can see from the photos the portions were really generous and ashamedly I struggled to eat it all! For the bargain price of £7.50 and for it's buzzing atmosphere, I would highly recommend this brunch spot.
With our tummies full we had a walk through the market, which has such a wide selection of delish food- fish, cheese, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cakes- something for every taste, as well as racks of vintage clothing, stalls full of fabulous art and florists selling beautiful flowers.
I love Tulips

After picking up a gorgeous bunch of pink and white tulips (a little gift for my mum) we wandered around the corner to Netil Market and stopped for a hot drink at Terrone & co. My friend had his go to flat-white coffee and I opted to have my very first Matcha Latte, something of an acquired taste and one that I don't think I'll be having again (although I do love it's colour...)
Such a lovely colour.. Not sure about the taste1
We then had a little wander around the cute vintage shops in the market where my friend very nearly bought a biker's leather jacket- he just needed the motorbike to go with it! As well as vintage shops and stalls, again there more food stalls- I'm definitely saving Bao's steamed pork buns for my next visit.
Before we knew it, we had spent a good three hours brunching and wandering- a sign of a successful Saturday.
So, what did I learn from my visit East? To get off my ass and enter a non 'N' postcode more often! ;-)
Until next time...

Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Travel Personality

It's travel link up time and I'm so pleased to be back blogging about all things travel with KellyRebecca and Emma (I've missed having the opportunity to join in). This month's topic comes form Catherine over at Luxlife and it's a great one!

Those of us who love to travel probably have some similarities and I'm sure some differences in our travel personalities. I've already learnt so much through the posts I've already read, oh what a fabulously eclectic bunch we are! ;-)

When I think of myself and travel I've most definitely been on a journey (excuse the pun). The more travel experiences I have had, the more I have figured out what sort of traveller I am...

1. Intrepid Traveller 

Trekking in Chang Rai

I don't know what it is about being away in a new country, with new experiences but it always inspires me to have a more 'give it a go' attitude to the activities and trips on offer, certainly more than I do when back home in London. Form trekking in northern Thailand, to visiting the rather claustrophobic underground Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam, I find myself to be a lot more open to challenging myself and pushing myself that bit more to the limit. Who knows, when I visit Queenstown in November I may find myself jumping out of a plane!

2. Relaxed Traveller

I am without a doubt a very relaxed traveller and have quite a laid back attitude towards travel.. That's not to say I don't like to organise and research (see the below) but once I've arrived at a new destination, I tend to let then stresses of reality fade and more often than not, with a drink in hand, sit back, relax and take it all in!

Champagne in Barcelona
Cocktails in Prague
Cocktails in Ibiza

3. Organised Traveller... To a certain extent! 

Yes, I do love a travel guide book! I have built up quite an extensive collection over the years and am always looking for the opportunity to buy second hand travel books; I love it when one arrives and people have made their own notes, chosen their own favourite spots. 

Admittedly I like to spend a good amount time riffling through travel books, reading through travel blog posts, finding recommended activities, 'must sees' and of course building a long list of restaurants! I take great pleasure in recording all of this in my very own travel journey which is fast becoming my most cherished possession...

With my travel journal in hand, I arrive somewhere new and tend to go with the flow. I always make an effort to visit the main sights, but I also love going off the beaten track and stumbling upon little independent galleries , museums, coffee shops and whatever else may catch my eye. I always endeavor to try the recommended restaurants and 'must sees' suggested by other bloggers and as of yet I am never disappointed! 

Soon I shall be embarking on my big solo trip and I'm sure that with new adventures will come new  travel traits...  Bring it on!