Friday, 22 January 2016

Time for Reflection

Two months and twenty three days I have been away from home and in that time I have been so busy enjoying and making the most of each day that I haven't really allowed myself enough time to sit back and reflect on each one of those days!

At present I am at a serene Yoga retreat up in the hills of Ko Samui. Surrounded by lucious tress, with the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore, birds singing their daily wake up songs and with not much else around I have been able to allow myself to digest and fully comprehend the last few months and the impact they have had on me.

When I decided upon taking a years sabbatical, it was never with the purpose of going to find myself as I am confident with the 30 year old woman that I am and am at a place in my life whereby I accept who I am and, am happy with it :-) But undoubtedly, embarking on a solo trip around the world is going to effect, influence and impact me in many different ways. Over the last couple of days, while practising yoga and meditation, I have been encouraged to think about and embrace my emotions and although I found it difficult to fully 'let go' at the beginning I now find myself able to elicit my emotions.


I am so very grateful for being able to fill each of my days with new experiences, for being able to see some of the most beautiful places, for being able to immerse myself and be accepted into cultures, traditions and families. I am grateful for new thoughts about the world, and myself, for the journeys I have undertaken, the challenges I have overcome and the experiences I have been able to share with others! 

I have definitely been travelling with my eyes wide open and am so very grateful for all I have seen <3

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences this with you all and to see what the rest of 2016 holds. 

                                                          Until next time...