Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Most Interesting Character I've Met While Travelling!

EmmaKelly and Rebecca have come up with a great Travel Link Up this month- The most interesting character you've met while travelling. The people you meet on your travels are undoubtedly fundamental to the experience that you have and can provide you with memories that life a last time!

So... I go back to August 2012, to the red-rock, Native American town of Sedona. It was here I met Terrance, a real-life cowboy and wrangler! 

Yee ha! Posing with Terrance
Having grown up in the Sedona wildernees, Terrance had spent his youth on his parent's ranch and immersed himself in the cowboy way of life. With a wealth of knowledge about the area, he decided to put it to good use and become a Sedona tour guide- something for which I am grateful!

Red-rocks of beautiful Sedona
Taking a group of us for a tour in his jeep, (I rode upfront), Terrance drove us into the majestic canyons and into history! Riding over rocks and bumpy paths, he shared stories of early cowboy days with tales of Moonshine and Murder! His storytelling ability was mesmerising and he most definitely made a lasting impression on me!

We all had a lotta love for Terrance! 

Having the opportunity to meet such quirky characters, with such unique stories to tell, will always be one of the reasons why I shall continue to travel! 

Until next time!

D! x