Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Bucket List

One of my favourite things to read on a travel blog is a blogger's bucket list! Reading about which destinations make up their wanderlust always leads to me daydreaming about the endless beautiful places that this world has to offer! More recently I have been thinking about my future and my very own wanderlust which yes, has led me to make a very special bucket list of my own... 

In no particular order of desire...

1. Tuscany, Florence - for it's wealth of history as the birthplace of the Renaissance, it's many Piazzas and the Tuscan food I hear so much about.

Florence photo cred: wikipedia
2. Copenhagen, Denmark- for bikes, bikes, bikes, Nordic cuisine and rumour has it the happiest people in Europe.

Photo cred: cntraveller.com
3. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia- the picture below says it all.

Photo cred: visit-croatia.com
4. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Game of Thrones, Old Town and history.

Dubrovnik from above guia-dubrovnik.net
5. Santorini, Greece-I have been to a number of the Greek Islands but the beauty of Santorini I have yet to see for myself.

Sunset on Santorini Island. Photo cred: whichgreekisland.co.uk
6. Cappadocia, Turkey- to live out a life-long dream of going in a hot balloon. And what better sight to see than this...

Photo cred: tripadvisor.com
7. New Zealand- ALL of it! I'm fortunate enough to have some good friends from NZ and hearing them talk so lovingly about their home country has made it an absolute must on my bucket list.

South Island. Photo cred: fllightcentre.com
North Island. Photo cred: newzealandnz.co.nz
8. Fiji- R.E.L.A.X!!

Photo cred: Fijiguide.com

9. Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia- from surf capital Torquay to the 12 Apostles! Although a personal driver would be required ;-) Also it isn't too far from Melbourne-a city a dear friend of mine lives in!

Great Ocean Road. Photo cred: lonelyplanet.com
10. Banff National Park, Alberta Canada- Rocky Mountains, glacier lakes, wildlife and hopefully to learn to ski.

Banff National Park. Photo cred: allglacier.com
11. Niagra Falls, Canada

Photo cred: tripadvisor
12. New Orleans, USA- the setting of my favourite play, A Streetcar Named Desire! Deep south specialties of Creole cuisne, Jazz music, Mardi Gras festival and the charms of southern gentlemen.

Photo cred: americancruiselines.co 
13. West coast USA- over recent years I have been to San Francisco, LA and San Diego all fabulous, but just a small fraction of what the West Coast has to offer! Driving The Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Malibu... The West Coast seems to have it all.

Malibu Sunset. Photo cred: flickr.com
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina- steak, wine, streak wine...you get the idea he he! Oh and to be swept off my feet by the tango!

Wine Tours in Buenos Aires. Photo cred: destinations-360.

15. Rio De Janerio- cocktails on Copacabana Beach and to party my way into carnival!

Photo cred: bbc.co.uk

I guess it's time to get saving, get travelling and start ticking!

Which destinations have made it onto your bucket list?

D! x

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