Sunday, 2 November 2014

Falling in Love on the Road

This months Travel Link Up - Falling in Love on the Road automatically got me thinking about close encounters and holiday romances! However, as much as I have been fortunate enough to find love (and lust) on the road, I knew there was only one love I could write about, a love I know will never let me down!

February 2000, the first time I stepped foot off of the plane and into New York City. From the moment the famous yellow taxi drove from John.F.Kennedy airport and into Manhattan I automatically knew a love affair between this city and I would begin.

Fourteen years and six more visits later, the love between us is most definitely stronger than ever!

People often ask me for tips and advice when they visit New York City as they want to know just what it is that makes me love this city so. Sometimes I think they wish they'd never asked, because as soon as I begin, there really is no stopping me!

The sights! 

Grand Central Terminal

Despite being one of the busiest places  in Manhattan, Grand central evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, I love to stand in the centre of the main concourse by the clock and watch people coming and going. Often wondering where they've been and where they're off to, who they're meeting or who they may be returning to. 

Sharing my ritual with my mum
Photographed in May 2013

The Flatiron Building

I cannot recall the amount of times I have photographed this magnificent building. Every time I stand on the corner of Broadway and 5th and look ahead of me, the stature of Daniel Burnham's original architecture always overwhelms me!

Photographed in July 2014
The Empire State Building

Photographed in October 2007
I love playing 'spot the Empire State.' From the top of a roof bar, from the observation deck of the Rockefeller Center, from Midtown street level to it being the final sight I see as I head out of Manhattan, there's no deying that this iconic building is utterly breathtaking.

The view from Top of the Rock. Photographed in June 2008
Museums, Museums, Museums
MoMa. The Guggenheim and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are the three places I love to get lost in. I love to admire Monet's 'Waterlilies' and Vermeer's 'Study of a Young Woman' as well as stumbling on new collections.

Central Park

As a Londoner I am fortunate enough to have some of the world's most beautiful parks on my doorstep all of which provide a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. New York's Central Park offers the same sanctuary. With 843 acres of land to explore, there is always somewhere to find peace and solitude.

Photographed July 2014

Bethesda Fountain 
Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to see an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline, then like me you'll love the walk over Brooklyn Bridge. I love how the views around you constantly change.

From one side of the bridge

To the other!

Also the photo that I have taken and love the most is of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge Arches

Food glorious Food!

It is well known that American's love their food, just another thing we have in common! Comprising of cuisines from all over the world, my taste buds have fallen in love countless numbers of time!

Brunch, a taste of Mexico, New York Fav Shake Shack, Fruits of the Sea

The Company

Each time I have visited NYC I have been able to form many memories, with many special people. 

Every time I leave NYC, a little piece of my heart remains! 

Until we meet again... 

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