Sunday, 1 February 2015

Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

Can't quite believe it's February already- where did January go?! However, a new month means a new  Travel Link Up post, this month's subject being- The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging! Admittedly I was a bit apprehensive about this post as I have only been blogging for a matter of months, and well I'm still learning about the wonderful world of blogging! But, with a bit of thinking I realised that in the short amount of time that my blog has been up and running, there indeed have been a number of benefits...

#1 Inspiration

For quite some time I had wanted to start a blog, but being the techno-phob that I am I was clueless as to where to begin, and then came some special inspiration from Sara at bigworldsmallme- her wise words and fab advice inspired me to get  a blog up and running and voila Deelightful Doings was born!

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#2 Travel 

Up until about a year ago I never really knew just how big blogging was and in particular what a great source of travel tips, travel destinations and travel writing many blogs provide! From reading numerous blogs, (catching up on my fav blogs is now one of the most common occurrences of my day) my wanderlust list has got bigger and bigger and bigger!!! Check out my Bucket List!

#3 Escapism

As a teacher my job can be rather stressful, don't get me wrong I LOVE what I do, but at times it is all too easy to get wrapped up with work and find little time for other things. Yes, on occasion that does still happen, but ever since I have started blogging I have found myself doing more things for me, having more 'me time' and more of a creative outlet! 

#4 The Blogging Community

Who knew that blogging would have the great benefit of becoming part of such a big community- having the opportunity to meet new people, share stories and discuss things that we have in common is undoubtedly a benefit shared by all bloggers, and one I'm looking forward to become more a part of!

Let the benefits continue....

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