Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bourne to Brunch

"Dan, remember the pub that used to be opposite three corners playground? Well... you wouldn't believe the revamp it's had!" My mum, two months ago, talking about what I knew when I was growing up as Leonards, but what many people now know as the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings!
Clerkenwell is a place a very close to my heat as it's where I lived for the most part of my life. Over the past decade Clerkenwell has realised it's potential and has become a great hub for many new restaurants and bars and witnessing it's growth in popularity has been a rather nostalgic experience for me! So of course, as a former Clerkenwell resident I took my mum's advice "you must go and see it for yourself" and one sunny Saturday morning headed to my old neighbourhood for brunch and Bellinis! 

The exterior on a glorious Spring day
Fortunate enough to get a last minute reservation, my friend Sara and I were seated up at the bar: the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere and admire the bright and quirky interior. The mismatched furniture and ornaments provided a welcoming environment and make B&H buildings a rather unique place to eat, drink and be very merry!
photo taken from brightshinynews.com
The menu itself is a brunch lover's idea of heaven- with everything from French toast done three ways to eggs with a slight a twist... As some of you may have realised by now I am a fan of all things eggy, so therefore decided to opt for their twist on the traditional Huevos Rancheros- named instead as Huevos Benedictos. A delicious dish of chorizo combined with avocado, topped with poached eggs and served with bĂ©arnaise sauce all on top of an English muffin.

Huevos Benedictos
Of course there was only one perfect accompaniment to this dish- a seasonal Bellini. After deciding not to go for the bottomless option (it was hard to say no) we each had a single Bellini and enjoyed every sip!
Just look at the temptation of that jug....
Not only was the food, environment and of course company great but the service from the staff was second to none! It's very rare (but of course understandable) that wait staff will have the time during an afternoon rush to indulge in conversation with customers, however the welcomed chattiness from the staff here was definitely the icing on the cake for a place that is clearly Bourne to do brunch! ;-)

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