Monday, 30 June 2014

Let the Weddings Begin...

So, as summer is now fully upon us that can only mean one thing... Wedding season is in full swing!! 
Saturday saw my first of 4 weddings this Summer (love is definitely in the air) and what better way to start the season off with the wedding of a long-term family friend! The wedding was in my home town of London, in Southwark - one of my favorite areas- and was a small but wonderful family affair! The bride, Georgia, wore the most beautiful of dresses and looked absolutely stunning!!!

The happy couple!
One of my favourite things about weddings is dancing!! (And of course the cake!) Everyone was in high spirits, dancing away to new and old songs and thoroughly enjoying celebrating Ian and Georgia's special day!

I can well and truly say that Saturday has made me excited about all the nuptials that
lay ahead over the next two months!

True ❤️ really does bring happiness!

D x

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