Saturday, 19 July 2014

Jersey Shore Weekend

Seeing as my friends and I found ourselves in New Jersey on July 4th weekend, we decided on a bit of post-wedding beach time and headed to the famous Seaside Heights on Jersey Shore (yes, the exact place the reality show was filmed)! Having heard a fair bit about it, I was intrigued to see what Seaside Heights had to offer and was looking forward to a bit of fist-pumping action!

Although not the most exotic of destinations, the Shore certainly had it's pros:

1. A great beach with awesome waves
2. Beautiful sunsets
3. Addictive pizza slices
4. Outdoor bars
5. Cheap jugs of beer
6. Fireball shots (of which we had too many)
7. Chatty locals
8. An old time photo booth (so much fun)
9. Free straw hats
10. The company of good friends

Great times on the Shore! 
Seaside Heights may not have offered first-class accommodation, restaurants and excursions, but it most definitely offered first-class fun! A weekend of great memories!


Ps. Here's just one of those great memories... 

Old Time Photos!